24 - 27 March 2013 Viaduct Events Centre Auckland NZ

What Does the Summit Offer the Private Sector

This international event brings together all Pacific island countries and development agencies focussed on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This is a unique opportunity to:

  • network with Pacific island leaders, international donor and development agencies and financial institutions;·
  • gain knowledge of the energy goals and project initiatives within Pacific island countries;·
  • showcase and promote your organisation’s products and services;
  • match your organisation’s expertise with potential business opportunities;
  • find out about working in the aid and development arena; and
  • realise opportunities including, public-private partnerships, with international development agencies.

The private sector has become a key player in aid and development projects around the world. Private sector companies offer the latest technology, expertise and experience to assist with the development of innovative solutions to foster sustainable economic development.

Development partners and donors have been working with Pacific island countries to design numerous energy projects to present specific investment opportunities. Opportunities in solar energy (photovoltaics), wind energy, geothermal, hydro and bioenergy are emerging for equipment suppliers, providers of financial products and services, and potential independent generators. More information on specific projects will be available closer to the time of the Summit.

The Pacific Energy Summit warmly invites all companies with an interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency (demand and supply) to take part in the showcase to bring together the energy needs of Pacific island countries with funding and solutions.