24 - 27 March 2013 Viaduct Events Centre Auckland NZ

Energy Case Studies

PowerSmart and the Tokelau Renewable Energy Project

Tauranga-based company PowerSmart won the contract to replace diesel power systems with solar power systems and battery storage on Tokelau’s three atolls. The multimillion dollar development was funded by Tokelau through an advance on aid funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme.

Managing Director Mike Bassett-Smith says his company was proud to be involved with the project because of the impact it will have on the well-being of the people of Tokelau.

All across the Pacific there are clear issues with the current and expected future costs of electricity generated using diesel, not to mention the environmental costs and risks of unloading diesel drums on tropical atolls. Energy costs underpin the economic and social development of these nations and making a positive impact on these issues is the single most important reason we started this business.”